Jamglue – Online Mixer

I recently came across yet another band promotion tool that may help you get the word out. It’s called Jamglue and you can find it on Jamglue.com

What’s different with this service is that beside the social networking features, it offers a flash-based online mixer that let’s you upload and tweak your own or someone else’s mixes.

The mixer is very basic though. I liked that the mixer was pretty responsive and playing around with various mixes was a breeze, but don’t expect to do any major editing, that’s not what it was built for. It’s most definitely not going to replace your sequencing program.

What I like about the various band promotion services that pop up around the net is that they are all viable options of which you can choose the one that’s right for your band. Never before have bands had this many tools to get heard, free of charge. Take advantage.

July 2, 2007 No comments Bands, Entertainers, Music Industry, Music News, This n' that

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