Where are all the great cover bands?

January 8, 2016


We are always in need of great-sounding, great-looking cover bands for work on cruise ships. Typically, these bands are 4 or 5-piece bands that perform modern covers and have great stage presence. If you are part of an energetic, fun cover band and want to travel the world, play music and get paid for it, contact us now.

To apply, send video of 10-12 samples with full repertoire list, bios and photos to this email address: info@oceanbound.com

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Solo Piano Entertainers Sought

We are currently looking for non-singing piano entertainers that have a varied repertoire and have most of their repertoire memorized. Candidates should have a clean, youthful appearance.


To apply, you’d have to submit video of 10-12 samples with full repertoire list, bio and photos. Contact us via email at info@oceanbound.com


Calling all Pianists and Trumpet Players

November 6, 2015

There are still a number of openings for orchestra pianists and orchestra trumpet players to be had in December 2015. For these positions, you have to possess strong sight-reading skills, be able to improvise and be comfortable performing in many different styles.

Call us to set up your audition now.


Urgently looking for Trumpet and Sax Players

April 27, 2015

We need lead trumpet players as well as sax players who can double on flute and clarinet for gigs in the orchestras on cruise ships. If you sight-read, improvise and are ready to travel, contact us via email to set up your audition.


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Does ‘Whiplash’ get jazz right?

October 25, 2014

Have you heard of the new movie, “Whiplash”? It’s currently out in limited release, and it follows the journey of a young jazz drummer as he attends conservatory in New York.

Check out the trailer here, just in case this movie isn’t currently playing in a theatre near you.

The film is getting rave reviews. You can read this write-up from Entertainment Weekly here, and check out what The New Yorker has to say.

But those are all reviews from film critics. We want to hear what you, the musicians, think. Do you agree with this portrayal of a young musician’s struggle? Do you agree with this portrayal of jazz and jazz education? Do you agree with this view of jazz and music education, as it is being presented to the general public?

Let us know what you think.

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Pretend Music School

September 24, 2014

This latest post by percussionist Ivan Trevino is making quite a splash among musicians. He sets out some strong ideas for change in the way that music schools are educating their students. Asking for change is never easy, but just about everything on Ivan’s list has to do with a musician’s ability to be employed in the real world. (All of these skills are essential for a musician working on a cruise ship, too!)

Check out the article here:

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Orchestra Openings Coming Up

August 21, 2014

Dear musicians,

We have several orchestra spots to fill in the coming months. We’re looking for drummers, guitarists, sax players, trumpet players, trombone players as well as bass and piano.

If you are a strong sight-reader and improvise well, give us a call and we’ll set up your audition.

Toll free: 1-888-714-0964
or: 1-514-967-0964


Calling all Steel Drummers

August 18, 2014

We are in need of Steel Drummers for upcoming gigs with cruise lines. We’re looking for people who sing well and have good background tracks. You would have to apply as usual, with demo video of about 10-12 cover songs, full repertoire list, bio and photos.

Contact us for more details.


Music Jobs Available

June 26, 2014

Dear Musicians,

We are looking to fill several more jobs for bands and individual musicians. If you have a band that you’d like to put forward or you want to join one of the house bands, you should apply. Our jobs & auditions page outlines the various positions that are available and how to apply for them.

Let us know if you have questions.


A word of caution!

April 11, 2014

A new agency that professes to place musicians on cruise ships has decided to copy our website content verbatim. Besides the fact that this is illegal as our site is copyrighted, it goes to show that their managers don’t seem to have the passion, know-how and integrity to do the work themselves.

It goes without saying that applying for jobs with an agency like this will inevitably lead to disappointment and frustration.

Over the past 8 years, I have personally researched, gathered and posted every single bit of information on our sites myself, whether that’s in the form of podcasts, blog posts, page content and structure, and even menu items. I can proudly say that 100% of everything you see on www.oceanbound.com, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter accounts are, and always will be original.

So, my word of advice is to be cautious about who you hire.

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